Sunday, November 16, 2008

For Mom and Dad

The Apology

If there were time to speak the words that now are on my mind

I'd make things right between us

for so often I was unkind.

So many worries, troubles, caused to those who truly cared.

A father and a mothers love,

neglected and despaired.

Quick hellos, hurried goodbyes

they never seemed to notice;

I love yous' spewed in rapid fire; guilty downcast eyes,

my special tool avoidance.

Sorrow is so hard to bear alone; guilt even harder

To know of your forgiveness

would make the long nights better.

Another day, a week, is gone and soon another year

But still the heart remains impaired

by my mistakes, I fear.

Orphans often have regrets, the world upon their shoulder.

The weight increases day by day

while we continue growing older.

This humbled heart still pines for you

as it waits to feel the presence

of the patient love you had for me;

That love, now truly I know too.

I pray that God is just with you, for He has pardoned me.

I pray to hold you close again

in Heaven, for Eternity..

For Dad and Mom
Flagle Ernest 1917-1980
Dorothy Gwendolyn 1918-1979

Psalms 27:10 When thy mother and father forsake thee, the Lord will take you up.

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Pammy said...

This was really pretty mom. Your the best. I love you. You are so special to me.