Friday, November 7, 2008

In Memory of Cody Phelps

Watching the rider mount the steed
with a heart that held no fear
The King knew in the blink of an eye
the rider would join Him there

Waiting on the Staircase
for the rider to arrive
He had readied up the Mansion
where the rider would Abide.

Family, Friends, and Heroes
so many had Come before,
All gathered in expectation
as the rider neared The Door.

The Finish Line was clearly marked
for all of those Above.
The rider though, could see it not,
but he surely felt the Love.

No pain, nor fear of tragedy
were on the rider's mind.
God's arms opened and welcomed him;
the Rider had arrived on time.

The Rider blinked his eyes just once
then clearly he could See
the Glory of Heaven that awaits us all;
God's love for you and me.

For Cody's Family and friends
By Duliece Melton
November 1,2008

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Anonymous said...

I love this poem... Very beautiful... Thank you for writing it... I would like to ask though, who the person was that wrote the poem????? I recognize the last name but not the first... This is Shelby, Cody's mom!!! God Bless!!!

reland1 said...

I'm so sorry I haven't answered earlier Shelby. I am Monica's Grandmother. I was so touched by your loss. I, too have lost a 17 yr old son. I met Cody a couple of times at Brandie and Michael's home. He was quite a character and very sweet. Your son was very special to Monica and Brandon. May Jesus give you peace.